Maria Kanellis to TNA?

According to reports from PWInsider Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis will be heading to TNA.

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis finished up with Ring of Honor as of yesterday’s TV Taping.

Kanellis and Bennett, when saying their goodbyes, told several different people that they were TNA-bound and would start with the promotion in January when they debut on POP TV.

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  • J’ Liz

    Bennett & Maria should be great additions to TNA ! They will likely do a power couple gimmick. TNA should also sign Bennett’s tag team partner Taven, since TNA totally needs more tag teams.

    • The Mighty Thanos

      Agreed. Both are good hires.

    • Rhawk

      If Taven doesn’t resign with ROH in a month, it would be nice to see him in TNA along Bennet & Maria. And hey, with Matt there, you could have a reformed TNA version of The Kingdom.