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Maria Kanellis talks Total Divas, TNA offers, more


The first lady of ROH and former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis was recently interviewed by the Joe Cronin Show. Here are some of the highlights.

On the Total Divas Reality show:

The interview opens with Maria talking about how she and Stephanie McMahon corresponded about a Total Divas-esq show back when she was employed and how she thought it would be great with girls like Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, ect, but it didn’t come to fruition and she did Celebrity Apprentice instead.

She mentions that two years ago back right before Total Divas started Kelly Kelly, Maryse Ouellet, and herself were approached to do the show Total Divas, but it all fell through at the last minute like reports have said.”

On contract offers with TNA:

“Said she has had talks with them and had good contract offers on the table but calls it tough cause she loves the girls, but she likes being in Ring Of Honor because she likes being around people who are just starting and peaking. Says they’ve had multiple talks over the years; at least once a year. They wanted her to work with Bully Ray in the role they gave to Brooke Tessmacher.”

Thoughts on the current division:

“She thinks they are getting good time now and how time really is the best way to help them improve. Very impressed with the NXT girls. Says Sara Del Rey’s touch is visible. Very impressed with the division now.”