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Maria Kanellis returning to WWE?


According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Maria Kanellis and her husband may be WWE bound.

Meltzer reports that Maria and Mike have been ‘secretive” about where they are going next and that usually means someone is heading to WWE. He also states that Mike winning the NEW title and losing it so quickly also points to that.

Maria and Mike left TNA, now IMPACT Wrestling back in February, opting not to re-sign a deal when Anthem took over.

Maria and Mike’s respective contracts expired in late 2016 and they had been working on per appearance deals over the set of TNA TV tapings. TNA management had attempted to sign the pair to new contracts and according to one source, had agreed to terms with the company only to later inform TNA they would not be signing.

Maria was last seen inside a WWE ring in February of 2010.

  • Rose

    Could have sworn she said she was done with wrestling and working on her studies. I hope she drops the heel gimmick because I love her more as a feisty red hair baby face and I hope she re-dies her hair back to red and goes back to her old gears because next to Kelly they had the best gear. But if she does goes back to WWE and stays heel ( have her go to RAW ) because I would love to see her egotistical character go head to head with Charlotte or Sasha and even Nia Jax. Her heel character beats every heel character from a female in WW