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Maria Kanellis reddit Q&A highlights

The First Lady of ROH herself, Maria Kanellis did a Q and A on earlier this afternoon and here are some highlights from the discussion:

What was it like taking a Samoan Drop from Umaga? & the teaming with John Cena, what’s he like backstage?

“Umaga was an amazing talent and I was very blessed to work with him. John Cena was always very sweet to me. We had breakfast together on numerous occasions when we were on overseas tours. I don’t know what he is like now but back then I considered him a friend.”

What was it like taking that package piledriver from Kevin Steen?

“I still have nightmares.”

 Was there anybody in the WWE locker room that you generally tried to avoid, and if so, can you elaborate on why? That being said, was there anybody who you looked up to and tried to learn the most from?

“I tried to avoid everyone. It’s scarey backstage. I looked up to lots of people. Beth, Mickie, Punk, Mark Henry, Trish, Lita, Edge, Undertaker, Victoria, and many others.”

Who do you think is the best female wrestler on the current WWE roster?

“AJ Lee”

What is the most pain you’ve ever felt during a match?

“I hurt my shoulder in a match last year and it was terrible. I ended up having to go to Urgent Care and everything. Just a strain though and it is almost completely healed.”

What has been the Highlight of your career so far on a personal level?

“Highlights have been going to WrestleMania, working with Victoria, Michelle, Nattie, Mickey, Beth, Eve, Lita, Trish, and Maryse, Final Battle this year for ROH, and so many many more.”

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