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Makoto relinquishes titles ahead of hiatus


Makoto has relinquished all three of her championships ahead of an extended hiatus from wrestling. According to reports, the current IWA Triple Crown Champion handed over her belts on Saturday and is going to undergo treatment for a nagging neck injury she suffered sometime in 2016. The ten-year veteran is closely linked to REINA, a promotion she’s been wrestling for and has held their World Tag Team Titles a total of three times and is their current reigning World Women’s Champion. She was dubbed the new “ace” of the promotion following the departures of Maki Narumiya and its biggest star, Syuri the same day she defeated Tsukasa Fujimoto for the belt.

Makoto is also the current WUW Women’s Champion. She defeated Jenny Rose at a World of Unpredictable Wrestling event in New York City last April. She would win the IWA Triple Crown belt seven months later, defeating Riho at a Gatoh Move event. Makoto has only defended the REINA Title once since winning it and that was against Koharu Hinata in December. According to Battle-News, Makoto was diagnosed with Cervical Herniated Disc by doctors last year and continued to perform while still experiencing numbness in her neck. Mio Shirai made the decision to retire back in 2015 due to the same injuries. The pain and effects of the injury have worsened over time and have led to Makoto taking a much-needed break.

In the meantime, REINA has yet to announce plans to crown a new champion.

Best wishes to Makoto!