Major Lucha Underground Aztec Warefare 3 Spoilers

Sexy Star is the new Lucha Underground champion, winning Aztec Warfare 3 Saturday during the company’s tapings in Boyle Heights, California.

Matanza Cueto, who had been undefeated up until this point, was pinned by Rey Mysterio halfway through the match after a Canadian destroyer. Pentagon was taken out by four Asian women (possibly Angela Fong and Io Shirai, Mayu Iwatani and Kaiji Hojo from the Stardom promotion.)

It came down to Sexy Star and Mil Muertes. Muertes kept missing table spots and finally went for a top rope Flatliner, but Sexy shoved him off and through a table, hitting the top rope stomp for the pin and title victory.

The show will air sometime in early-2017 as part of the promotion’s third season.


  • Lil Miss Queen Lady

    I’m so happy for her! It’s awesome that they put their biggest title on a woman! I hope Lucha Underground will continue to sign more and more women, I’m loving the new female talent they added this season.