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Madusa talks STARDOM


STARDOM’s new commissioner Madusa spoke after the recent STARDOM show talking about what she wants to see in STARDOM’s future and what she wants to bring to the company.:

“I’m very serious about pro wrestling. my heart is pro wrestling. I think as I grew as a woman, as a pro wrestler, I grew to respect more than a woman and good looks. I want these women to get serious. If you are gonna be wrestling in Stardom you better bring it. Stardom has a lot to gain and a lot to lose if we dont get serious.”

“I want to bring back old school wrestling. Not all old school, but some serious fighting. If we are going to go to the United States, they are going to want to see serious wrestling. You are going to see some new changes coming about.
I am here to stay as Commissioner.I am all about the best interests of all of these women, and of Stardom.
Our goal is to start wrestling in the States. we want to make a statement. and if my name is attached to Stardom. It’s gonna get real”

“There is lots of room for improvement. I dont care if it’s the top girl, everyone needs improvement. This isn’t about sexy, sex sex sex sells, but this is about wrestling.”

  • Feral Imp

    So Cheerleader Melissa is the USA Branch prez and Madusa’s the commissioner. I love that they’re trying to get this promotion showcased in the states, I’d love to go to their Los Angeles shows in October.