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Lucha Underground to debut on Netflix this month

The El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground will soon be able to be viewed by a far larger audience as the first two seasons of the series will be available for streaming in North America on Netflix starting on February 15th, according to the latest edition of Court Bauer’s MLW Radio.

It should be noted that Bauer, a former WWE Creative Team member and promoter, had worked for LU last year and at that point, had been involved in a push to get the series on the streaming platform. The series had 39 episodes in Season One and 26 in season two.

The move follows a lot of discussion in the last month within the wrestling world that the series would be leaving The El Rey Network completely for Netflix, which if that turns out to be the case, will be the first wrestling promotion/series hosted on the streaming service. Lucha Underground is produced and distributed by United Artists Media Group with former WWE Creative team member Chris DeJoseph heading the creative aspect of the series.

The series’ third season is currently airing, although it has taken a hiatus on El Rey, a move that was not originally planned when it was filmed. The series features supernatural and science fiction elements built into the telenovela style production. Promotional material for the series notes that Lucha Underground, “introduces U.S. audiences to the high-flying, explosive moves of lucha libre. An ancient combat tradition, watch as good and evil wage war in a gritty battleground called ‘The Temple’.” It is a very unique product that is built around a well crafted mythology about how lucha libre evolved from Ancient Aztec tribes that provides the series a chance to exist within it’s own “universe”, so to speak.