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LIVE RESULTS: SMASH Wrestling – CANUSA Classic 2016

SMASH Wrestling presents it’s annual CANUSA Classic tonight which will feature Team USA taking on Team Canada and will see Courtney Rush take on Cherry Bomb in a cage in the main event. Live results are from of our own Dave Muscarella:

  • Xandra Bale defeated Leva Bates with a spinning neckbreaker.
  • Danyah defeated Ingrid Isley with a Scorpion Death Drop / legdrop combo.
  • Veda Scott defeated Vanessa Kraven with help from an exposed turnbuckle.
  • Heidi Lovelace defeated Jewells Malone after a senton.
  • Cat Power defeated Jade via Barbie Crusher.
  • Mercedes Martinez defeated KC Spinelli via Fisherman Suplex.
  • Rosemary defeated Allie with a superkick in a steel cage match. Team Canada wins the CANUSA Classic.