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Leah Von Dutch apart of Women of Honor


Canadian Leah Von Dutch is the newest name to be linked to ROH’s Women of Honor.

The company wrote a post about her setting her eyes on joining the Women of Honor division:

For a pro wrestler of just four years of experience, Leah Von Dutch’s passport reads like a world almanac, her hunger to be the best wrestler in the world authenticated by the miles spent on the road and in the air. In less than 50 months, Von Dutch has competed in her native Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and more.

I have wrestled all over the world, Von Dutch said. I’ve been fortunate to train with the best, taking in some of the English style, some of the Japanese style. You will have to watch to see if I have learned any new submissions or styles. I don’t want to give away all my secrets!²

The globetrotting Von Dutch got her start when she won a scholarship through an essay writing contest conducted by Hall of Famer Edge. From there, her family, where she is one of four female siblings, has always been the driving force that keeps her motivated and focused.

My biggest advocates are my parents, family, and friends, Von Dutch said. My family is 100% the most supportive family in the world. My parents thought I was a little crazy but loved it! They always support me in whatever I do. My three sisters think it¹s awesome that I’m a pro wrestler and constantly are bragging to their friends about what I do. Some people have soccer parents – I have wrestling parents! What more could I ask for?

Von Dutch continues the long and storied legacy of female Canadian professional wrestlers, a country that boasts legendary grapplers like Velvet McIntyre and Luna Vachon, Ring of Honor alumnae Allison Danger, Portia Perez, and Sarah Stock, and current Women of Honor star Cherry Bomb as nationals. Through watching televised wrestling, Von Dutch’s inspiration quickly became Hall of Famer, and fellow Canadian, Trish Stratus. When I was 12 years old, I started watching wrestling regularly. Trish was Canadian and blonde ­ like me! She had tremendous wrestling skill and I try to pattern my game off of Trish and Lita.

Von Dutch looks to put away prone opponents with an Asai Moonsault patterned after Lita¹s known as the Flying Dutchman while she looks to submit grapplers with a variation of the Cobra Clutch she calls the Dutch Clutch. In her studies, Von Dutch has learned to go for her signature moves when the opportunities present themselves. Striking while the iron is hot, in her words, is the most important lesson she has learned inside the squared circle: I have learned to be aggressive and never underestimate someone. No matter how long you have been a wrestler, one slip, and you could be pinned 1, 2, 3.

Though Von Dutch has racked up victory after victory on independent circuits across the globe, catching the eye of matchmaker Nigel McGuinness , the grind of the road was perhaps a bigger obstacle than any foe she has encountered in the ring. But she has taken the challenge head on, not only adapting but flourishing in the lifestyle: When you are constantly on the road and missing holidays, family gatherings and milestones in people¹s lives, you really have to ask yourself if this is worth all the sacrifice. But, I’m the kind of person who wouldn’t be satisfied with a 9-5 job and a “normal” life.

Von Dutch’s path to Women of Honor stardom may be anything but normal. I feel very privileged and honored that I am among the Women of Honor. I have improved a ton since the last time I was here and I can’t wait to show Nigel McGuinness and the fans what I am capable of, Von Dutch said. Women’s wrestling is on the rise and I plan on making a statement in Women of Honor, showing everyone why their eyes should be on Leah Von Dutch

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    Mandy Leon, Veda Scott, Taeler Hendrix, and now Leah Von Dutch. Alongside other occassional pop up names like Cherry Bomb and Crazy Mary Dobson, the re-branded WOH Division is slowly but surely shaping up nicely.