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Lacey Lane to Debut For Aro Lucha


Aro Lucha the Lucha Libre promotion that Aroluxe is backing has announced its first shows in Nashville, Tennesee on December 10th, 2017 which will be a TV Taping.

Aro Lucha is a high energy, family-friendly Lucha Libre promotion based in the United States. Its principals have produced over 200 hours of network television, specifically in the professional wrestling arena. They are focused on bringing authentic Stars, Characters, and Storylines to their fans through live events, social media, and digital content. Aro Lucha is a company that fans can be proud to support.

They announced today that Lacey Lane will be apart of the TV tapings alongside talents such as Rush, Jack Evans, and La Mascara.

They recently announced that Konnan will be a lead writer for the promotion.