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Kimber Lee becomes the CHIKARA Grand Champion


Independent female wrestler Kimber Lee added yet another championship belt to her collection last night when she became the CHIKARA Grand Champion at the company’s Top Banana event.

Kimber Lee, who won the Challenge Of The Immortals Final Eight Man Tag Team Match earlier in the night successfully cashed in her title opportunity on champion Hallowicked after he defended his belt in a three way match.

This marks the sixth championship that Kimber Lee currently holds and this is the first time that a female has held the CHIKARA Grand Championship.

Congratulations, Kimber Lee!

CHIKARA Top Banana is up for purchase at this link.


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  • J’ Liz

    Kimber Lee is one of the most talented Women’s wrestlers in the Indies ! Would like to see WWE, TNA, LU, or even ROH give her a chance !

    • Allie

      To sound like a broken record you know I’m gonna say TNA since their Knockout Division needs rebuilding. ROH is also a good choice if they’re serious about the Women of Honor division. They need more than Veda Scott, Mandy Leon and Taeler Hendrix to have a Women of Honor division. Also in closing: Kimber Lee’s tag partner Cherry Bomb will a great addition to any of the women’s division’s too.

      • Rhawk

        As a side note, they also need t start showing their WOH matches on television instead of simply on their Youtube channel if they want to take their women seriously. Their Future of Honor matches make sense for Youtube, but their women need more attention. Then again they also need more women, so you knw.

    • Rhawk

      Same goes for Heidi, both women deserve so much success. And if ROH gave Heidi a match against Veda for them, I’m sure Kimber will get her chance over there as well.

  • Rhawk

    First Heidi winning the Young Lion Cup, now Kimber Lee winning the Grand Slam Championship?! Damn, women doing their thing in Chikara. I LOVE IT.

  • Nell-o

    Though I don’t watch Chikara, this is awesome!! She’s such an underrated performer (especially as a heel) and hopefully more opportunities and good things come her way.