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Kana comments on signing with WWE


As reported earlier today Kana has signed with WWE. She had a press conferance today in Japan and said the following about being signed:

“I decided that WWE is the final goal in my career. I want you to be looking forward to seeing me who is chosen by WWE.

It has been 10 years since I debuted. I has wrestled so many promotions as a freelance. And I succeed my own shows at Korakuen Hall. I thought I did everything that I can do here in Japan.

One day, I was suddenly scouted by WWE. WWE is No.1 company in this business. I got a chance to activate my skill and career to the world.

I will go to Florida and live there. I want all of the fans to say “she made WWE more exciting”. I want to fight all Divas there.

I am not worry about my English because wrestling is universal language.

As you know, I went to NXT TAKEOVER last month.

As I watched the really exciting Diva’s match, I thought like “I really want to get in the ring. I want to make it more exiting”.

  • Rhawk

    And boy will she.

  • born2expire

    I haven’t been this excited for a debut in a long time. Hopefully they let Kana integrate her style into the WWE.

  • Kalkofen

    She’s just as big a signing as Hideo/Balor/Owens/Crews/Joe and it should be treated as such. Considering how stiff of a worker she is, it looks like she’ll play an integral part in picking up where Sasha/Char/Becky took off and ultimately taking female competition in this company to the next level, and the fact Athena and Nikki Storm could be arriving soon with Sarah teaching lucha at the PC just further exemplifies this. I don’t know if anything will touch the joshi golden era bloom, but it’s a great time to be a women’s wrestling fan.

  • Kalkofen

    Considering how tough of a worker she is, there’s no doubt in my mind she’s going to play an integral part in picking up where Sasha/Charlotte/Becky left off and ultimately helping take female competition to the next level. This is where it’s gets even better than many could imagine.