Kairi Sane Wins Inaugural Mae Young Classic

32 Women fought and the winner of the inaugural Mae Young Classic was crowned tonight when Kairi Sane fought off Shayna Baszler in the finals of the tournament live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sane won the match after hitting her signature diving top rope elbow, allowing her to get the three count on Shayna Baszler.

Sane topped Tessa Blanchard in the First Round, Bianca Belair in the Second Round, New Zealand’s Dakota Kai in the Quarterfinals, Australia’s Toni Storm in the Semifinals, and the Queen of Spades in the finals. In each match, the 5-foot-1 Pirate Princess endured serious headwinds before besting her competition, and she polished off all her opponents the same way, via her must-see, one-of-a-kind Diving Elbow Drop!

  • Charlie

    You can’t make this stuff up:

    Mildred Burke was blacklisted by promoters in the United States, including Fabulous Moolah who ran a rival school for women’s pro wrestling of which Mae Young was a member.

    Forced to look to Japan to get work for her students, Mildred Burke passed her WWWA title on to her students, who then passed it on to Japanese women wrestlers, one of whom was Jaguar Yokota.

    Jaguar Yokota trained MMA/Model/Wrestler superstar Fuka Kakimoto who then trained Kairi Hojo (a.k.a. Kairi Sane). Kairi Sane then comes to the USA to win the inaugural tournament named for Mae Young.

    So in a way the spirit of Mildred Burke’s school defeated the spirit of Fabulous Moolah’s school.

    • Thou

      Why was she black listed?

      • Charlie

        Why was Mildred Burke blacklisted? This is the most interesting tale of pro wrestling. It’s better than Hollywood.
        Mildred Burke’s husband, Billy Wolfe, was also her promoter. He also managed a wrestling school for women and promoted them as an ensemble. For a time he was the only promoter of women’s wrestling.
        Billy Wolfe was cheating on Mildred Burke with another wrestler named June Byers. Billy wanted Mildred to drop the belt to June, but Mildred turned it into a shoot that ended in a draw.
        The NWA promoters sided with Billy for man-reasons and stripped the title from Mildred, giving it to June. Mildred started her own school and while initially being able to promote her students she was quickly shut down by the NWA.
        It was about that time that Fabulous Moolah usurped the position of sole promoter (and pimp) of women’s wrestling from Billy Wolfe. However, fearing competition from a still popular Mildred, Moolah kept the NWA closed to her.

        I would suggest reading “The Queen of the Ring” by Jeff Leen.