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Kairi Hojo wins the STARDOM 5 STAR Grand Prix


Kairi Hojo defeated Hudson Envy in the finals of the STARDOM 5 STAR Grand Prix following a diving elbow drop.

In a round robin tournament Kairi defeated Star Fire, KAORU, Haruka Kato, and Queen Maya to win her block of the tournament before defeating Hudson Envy in the finals of the tournament.

After winning Kairi said that she wants Meiko Satomura and the World of Stardom title, but that Sendai Girls has a show on Oct 11, the same day as Stardom’s next Korakuen Hall show. So Kairi challenged Act Yasukawa which Yasukawa accepted, under one condition the winner goes on to challenge for the Red Belt.

  • Kalkofen

    I fell SO behind on this and need to catch up but CONGRATS Kairi

  • Feral Imp

    I’m going to try to watch more Stardom, I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about the promotion except for that Act/Yoshiko incident. And I know Madusa said she was going to refocus on the old school style, but I think they at least know how to balance their product with beauty and talent.