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Kairi Hojo leaves for WWE

As reported, Kairi Hojo has signed a 3 year deal with WWE back in the beginning of this year.

Hojo has finished all her STARDOM dates in Japan and is now starting her journey to Orlando, Florida to begin her career with WWE and start at the WWE Performance Center.

The official STARDOM twitter account posted today that they dropped her off at the airport to begin her new journey.

  • Walt Maueroeder

    Can’t wait to see the most beautiful Flying Elbow Drop in Wrestling on my TV screen.

    • Chris D Hammond

      I heard they are making her drop the move

      • Jose Antonio Atienza Lat

        nope, not anymore

        • Chris D Hammond

          Oh I haven’t heard anything different I hope your right

          • Walt Maueroeder

            It should be pulled out only for special occasions or maybe as her finisher.