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Kairi Hojo and Io Shirai offered WWE contracts?


According to the Wrestling Observer both Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo have gotten offers to start in WWE in 2017 recently.

Both told Stardom management about it this week. Shirai said she was going, and said that she was called by Shoichi Funaki. Hojo was contacted by Shinsuke Nakamura and Simon Inoki. Hojo at first didn’t make a final decision and there is some question if she can pass the physical because she’s had two major concussions in the last two years.

In July, when WWE ran at Sumo Hall, Hojo was introduced to Nakamura through Simon Inoki, who knew her because they had worked together when Hojo did an IGF tour. Nakamura pushed to Hojo that she’d do great in WWE. Hojo most recently told the Stardom office that she’s interested in going to WWE. Stardom officials believe Shirai is gone for sure, but they are working to keep Hojo and Hojo then said she’s not sure what she’s going to do.

  • Ozzy⭐


  • Ozzy⭐

    I thought they would’ve recruited Io LONG before now but huge congratulations to her, I completely understand about Kairi’s condition and especially their attention and focus on talent health with the slew of concussions among talent this and the past year. This news is just absolutely amazing, either lady would be a fantastic addition to the NXT women’s roster.

  • Ozzy⭐

    The fact we’ve never gotten Kana vs Io (the funny thing is she wrestled Io’s sister quite a few times though) on the independent circuit and could have these two in the most brutal women’s feud to date within months is incredible.

  • Ozzy⭐

    I’m sorry I keep spamming, but I am just SOOOO excited about this, I truly hope they can get Kairi as well but I completely understand Ogawa wanting to hold onto her with her amount of popularity, marketability and pure talent. She’s like their brand baby lmao.