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Kacy Catanazaro takes part in WWE tryouts

“American Ninja Warrior” sensation Kacy Catanzaro participated in workouts alongside WWE recruits this week, taking her first exploratory steps inside the squared circle under the guidance of Performance Center coach Norman Smiley.

Catanzaro came to fame in 2014 when she became the first woman to complete “American Ninja Warrior’s” perilous city finals course. Nicknamed “Mighty Kacy,” the 26-year-old — who was a Division I gymnast before turning to obstacle course racing — has twice made “Sports Illustrated’s” “Fittest 50” list of the world’s top female athletes.

We previously reported that WWE was interested in bringing her in for a tryout a few weeks back.


  • Marshy

    It is like WWE wants to slam their competition TNA especially in 2017 , so that they won’t have a lot of Knockouts on their roster. If WWE are interested in an outsider who has never enter the ring that it is what they will do. WWE has tryouts while TNA doesn’t have tryouts, on this website that they have been us informed on when is the tryouts, where is the tryout, and who are take apart of the tryout.