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Julie Real to attend WWE tryout


Another name attending the WWE tryouts in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center at the end of the month is Julie Real.

Real is a singer and model. She has been training at Brian Kendrick’s wrestling School, Santino Brother’s Academy in preparation for her tryout.

She also has been training in Brazilian JiuJitsu in the Los Angeles, California  area.


Thanks to Chris Carpenter for the tip!

  • Marshy

    So far only two women who will be at this tryout.

  • JUDGEmentDAY

    She’s “real” hot!


    Thank you for letting us know she had lots of training before the tryout. I can see the internet now burning her to ground just because she’s a model. I feel better knowing she actually puts work in before trying out.

  • Marshy

    It is better that she receives training at Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling School than to do no training at a wrestling school anywhere. It proves that she truly wants this and not to be a stepping stone to further her modeling career or to be in the entertainment field, cause an Employer of the entertainment industry whether it be an agent or a director or producer of a movie or television or music video will say the following statement ” just because you were in the WWE that doesn’t mean that we are going to hire you”.