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Jacqueline and Ivory to be featured in WWE 2K17


On Thursday, 2K announced new details regarding its upcoming DLC, Season Pass and Digital Deluxe Edition for WWE 2K17. The new content, which adds a new dose of WWE’s past and present into the vaunted WWE video game series, will begin releasing in fall 2016 and will continue to do so into 2017.

The upcoming WWE 2K17 downloadable content gives grappling gamers a new set of features and playable characters for the latest edition of the venerated WWE video game series.

This year’s WWE 2K17 DLC offerings include:

The Hall of Fame Showcase, available for a suggested price of $9.99, allows players to recreate iconic battles from WWE history in their storied settings, including:

Ivory vs. Jacqueline (SmackDown 2000)

  • Mattoria ?

    YESSS! This is great news! Two queens and legends featured in a 2k game, finally