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Interview with Katarina Waters


Squared Circle Sirens interviews former WWE Superstar and IMPACT Wrestling Knockout, Katarina Waters aka Katie Lea aka TNA’s Winter!

In this interview Katarina talks to us about what it was like wrestling for B.E.W’s International Grand Prix 2017 which saw her briefly win the company’s title and how exciting it was to see so many talented girls as when she first started wrestling in the UK not many females were wrestling.

She also takes us through how she got signed to WWE, arriving in OVW and entering into a feud with recently inducted WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Kat talks in length about what it meant to be in the first women’s ladder match under the WWE umbrella and tells us her thoughts on Beth getting inducted into the hall of fame this year.

After talking about her time with WWE she lets us know about her time with TNA and how her and Vince Russo created the Winer character. What is was like facing Mickie James years after a breif feud in WWE, and what it was like becoming a champion in the company.

All that and some great details about her returning to the indies after WWE & TNA a well as some information about her acting career and upcoming movie releases!