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Interview with Angelus Layne


Squared Circle Sirens interviews independent wrestling’s Bride of Frankenstein, Angelus Layne.

In this interview Angelus talks about her start in wrestling, training at the young age of 13, how she was the only one in her training class to complete her training, and what it was like being the only female in a class of middle aged men.

She also discusses what it was like debuting for SHIMMER and wrestling a few sparkle matches as well as her experiences wrestling at AIW’s Girls Night Out events and what it was like to return to WSU at the 10th anniversary show.

Angelus talks about the injuries she suffered, what it was like to return to wrestling after breaking both her wrist and her ankle, and talks about what she calls her favorite match, her street fight against Delilah Doom at INSPIRE Pro Wrestling in Texas.

All that and so much more is covered in this fantastic interview with the women who has put NOVA Pro on notice in Virginia.