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Injury Update on Lana


We have exclusively learned that WWE diva Lana who suffered a wrist injury back in September has been cleared to return to WWE.

She was backstage at RAW this past Monday Night but kept to herself.

However it’s unclear at this point if she will return to TV as she’s in hot water with management in WWE.

She also has been posting on social media about training at the performance center however, she’s not partaking in training inside the ring, just lifting weights and getting “into shape”.

  • J’ Liz

    would like to see them reunite her with Rusev if she comes back to WWE ! She will be great as a heel valet for the Sheamus, Barrett, Rusev group. With all the backstage drama going on with her doubt WWE will ever let her & Rusev be an on screen couple again, which is a little petty on WWE’s part !

    • Allie

      The news about her real engagement to Rusev thankfully ended that terrible storyline with them Ziggler and Summer. WWE should be happy a storyline a lot of fans hated ended.

    • Alaina

      If they choose not to bring her back, she will be fine. She can always fall back on acting.