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Independent female wrestler used as referee at NXT live event

At the NXT live event in Ocala, Florida tonight WWE used independent wrestler Kennadi Brink as a referee for the NXT Women’s Division tag team match.

The Baltimore, Maryland native got her start in wrestling in July of 2010 when she started training regularly at Gillberg’s Professional Wrestling Academy in Severn, Maryland.

During her teens years, Jessie was overweight; never imagining of one day stepping into the ring herself. With courage, discipline, motivation and help from a local professional wrestler, who was signed to a developmental contract with the WWE, she was able to lose over 60 lbs and become an athlete.

She is also the winner of the 2014 Reid Flair scholarship, presented at the Mid-Atlantic Legends fan-fest in Charlotte, North Carolina! The award was presented by legendary wrestler Dr. Tom Prichard. Prichard, Les Thatcher. Lance Storm and Nigel McGuinness and she was the one person out of 50 males and females to receive the award.

She received a tryout with WWE back in February of this year and as of late has been working Queens of Combat, SHINE, RISE, and SHIMMER.