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Incident at recent indy show involving a TNA Knockout


There was an incident at the WXW event in Miami, Florida over the weekend. It was reported that Gabi Castrovinci (former Tough Enough contestant and current TNA Knockout Raquel) wrestled local workers Raquel and Regina in a triple threat match to determine the number 1 contender for the WXW Women’s Championship

According to sources, Raquel and Regina worked very stiff with Castrovinci to the point where Castrovinci sustained a minor fracture in her jaw and she was required to get her tooth replaced. We hear stories like this all of the time and usually, workers will be stiff on people that are new to the business but, based on the photos below, it looks like things went a little bit too far.

  • YulSeoSooYoo #Gabi #RaquelTNA

    She needs to break those two hoes faces

    • Jon K. Wright

      I totally agree