Heat on Blue Pants?

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is said to be resentment over how the company brought Leva Bates (Blue Pants) to Brooklyn for the NXT Takeover angle with Alexa Bliss, an angle that any of the Divas would have wanted to be in, that she sells her own merchandise and doesn’t have to split a cut and that she’s not under contract so she doesn’t have to go through the daily training at the WWE Performance Center.

There is also reportedly resentment over how she’s still able to work indies and because she’s increased her fees on the indies, talents believe she’s making more money than they are, and being pushed more than they are, then getting over more than they are.

  • Boss Ass Glitch.

    Heat on her being a flop

  • Kalkofen

    I’m pretty sure Leva would much rather have a developmental contract (it’s just as much her dream to make it big as it is their’s). I admit I was a bit surprised at her getting a t-shirt on the shop, but you’d think they’d be a bit more grateful she’s primarily brought in to job for them.

    • kj

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      • Kalkofen

        You’re SO awesome!!! I appreciate you trying to get everyone back together. I won’t forget you and ILM were always the nicest/sweetest people on there IMO 😀 Thanks