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Giorgia Piscina – Tough Enough Q&A


You think you’ve gone far to chase your dream? Giorgia Piscina might have you beat. The WWE Tough Enough Final 40 competitor traveled all the way from Brisbane, Australia, for a make-or-break tryout at the WWE Performance Center, where she hopes to not only make it to the Tough Enough competition, but also go the distance and win a WWE contract.

A graphic designer by day who moonlights as a fitness competitor and once crossed the finish line of a 400-meter race with a broken ankle, Piscina is nothing if not tough. Now, 9,000 miles from home, she’ll find out if she’s truly tough enough.

What brings you all the way from Brisbane to Orlando, some 9,000 miles and a 20-hour flight away?

I was competing in the WBFF, World Beauty Fitness and Fashion, in Sydney when I won my first show. I came to the States last August to compete in Las Vegas. After that, WBFF posted a status on Facebook about WWE Tough Enough, and I decided to pursue it. Every opportunity is a good opportunity.

What was your impression when you first came to the U.S. in 2008?

I thought, “Oh, my God. This country is amazing.” I said, “This is like the movies. It really is.” The first time I traveled over, I went to Los Angeles first, Venice Beach, and I just thought, “This is exactly like the movies, crazy people everywhere. Even as early as then, I thought, “How can I live here? This is where opportunity is. Everything is happening here. The people are lovely.” Even from living in Australia, which is an amazing country, I just got this vibe in America, like, “How can I make this happen?” And now this opportunity has come up.

How do you think you’d handle being away from your family and friends?

My immediate family and I are very close; we do everything together. I love my parents dearly, but they are very driven themselves, very successful, and when they heard about this opportunity they almost pushed me into it, although they really didn’t need to. They’re real go-getters and understand the greatness of this opportunity, and they would never hold me back. Yeah, I would miss them, but it’s just a plane ride away.

Besides family, what would you miss most about Australia?

I have a couple of close friends I’d miss. And Vegemite (*an Australian food paste made from leftover brewer’s yeast extract). Do you have it here?

I’m afraid not.

That’s something I eat quite a lot of. Peanut butter? I know you have peanut butter here, so we’re good there.

How do you think being Australian will benefit you in this competition?

When the top 40 Tough Enough finalists were announced, my Twitter account (@giorgiapiscina) blew up like crazy from Australian WWE fans. It was amazing. That one night tripled my followers, all saying “Go, Aussie Giorgia!” “Green and gold!” “Love seeing an Aussie make the Final 40!” Without even knowing, there are already all these people showing me such love and support. It’s amazing. I have the whole country behind me, hopefully. Australians are especially patriotic. They love Australians, so I think I’ll get a lot of support. Do Americans like Aussies? … I hope so.