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Gail Kim on her most memorable moments, why she’s deciding to retire, more

Gail Kim was a guest of X-Pac’s wrestling podcast this week. She talked about many topics including Global Force wrestling, her dream matches, what she thinks of Netflix’s new series GLOW, and what she thinks are her most memorable moments. Here are some highlights via

Wrestling Jackie Moore:

she was asked about how much she had to fight for a women’s division in TNA. She said that she worked an indie show with a lot of TNA wrestlers, and afterwards, she was told that Jeff Jarrett really liked what he saw and wanted to bring her in, but that they would have to “be patient” until they built a division.

After a year or so, she became frustrated by not having a division yet, and they offered to bring in Jackie Moore to work with her, which she jumped at. She said Jackie was the “strongest girl” she’s ever worked with and recalled an incident in a street fight where she knocked out two of Moore’s teeth. They had another segment to film afterwards, so Moore asked if anybody had any sugarless gum, put it in place of the teeth, and went to film the segment.

Her thoughts on GLOW:

She said that she tried to become the trainer of the actresses for the show, but Chavo Guerrero ended up getting that position, which she was okay with because she likes Chavo. X-Pac said that the Guerreros have had the training jobs such as that locked up for years in Hollywood.

What she thinks are her most memorable moments:

Kim was asked about her memorable moments. The main moment she mentioned was winning first TNA Knockouts Championship. She said it felt like a “payoff” to the years of WWE not being the “right fit” for her and the years of fighting and begging for the TNA division to get started. X-Pac commended her for having the highest rated segments on the show each week, and Kim attributed some of that to long-term storytelling over six months to a year rather than rushing through stories as they do too often today.

On her future plans:

She plans to keep producing the women for GFW after she retires. She’s been producing for about two years because she started to feel “like a mom” after a while for the women. If it weren’t for her back problems, she wouldn’t be retiring at all, she said, but she wants fans to remember her at her best so she feels it’s time to retire. She was reluctant to name any dream matches, but said she would like to work with Rosemary again before the end. She said there are no plans for her final match right now.



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