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Gabi Castrovinci talks Afa incident, time with TNA, more


Former TNA Knockout Raquel aka Gabi Castrovinci was on AfterBuzz TV earlier today where she was interviewed on “Spotlight On” by Christian Rosenburg. Here are some highlights of the interview:

How she got contacted to be on Tough Enough:

“After becoming a WBFF Pro, WWE found me through them and selected a bunch of people from the WBFF. A phone call was made and I was asked to apply. I decided last minute to join after watching Ariane Andrew on Tough Enough.”

Best and worst thing about training during Tough Enough:

“We didn’t have much wrestling training. It made me mad. When I signed up I wanted to become a wrestler. When I got there things were differnt. The tryouts the first few days were so intense. That was the hardest thing so far in wrestling.”

The Afa training school show incident:

“We drove to Miami, at the moment I was so mad, I didn’t feel anything at the time. I’m professional, if I have a problem with someone I will talk to them out of the ring. We drove back home, I was sore and feeling like crap. The next day I woke up covered in bruises and took photos on snapchat. Someone screenshot the photos and wrote an article and they had footage of the match from someone in the crowd. Next thing I get a phonecall from TMZ. I believe they attacked me because I had just done my first set of tapings with TNA and I was scheduled to win the title at the promotion the following week. I think thats what motivated them to do that. I passed that and it made me a stronger person. I left Afa’s school after that. I have not spoken to him since that.”

Who came up with her TNA name Raquel:

“I believe it was Dixie Carter who came up with the name Raquel.”

What happened with the Lashley storyline in TNA:

“The person who was supposed to work with me in the storyline walked out last minute & they lost the chemistry of the storyline so they dropped it.”

On the rumor the Knockouts kicked her out of the lockerroom:

“Oh, it’s true! It was my first time at a wrestling event like that. While in Tough Enough we went to RAW but were instructed to not talk to or say anything to the talents backstage. Going into TNA I was very shy. I’m a shy person. I got to TNA the second day of tapings, mid-day. I had to tape something. I’m nervous and I walk in. I went to get changed and didn’t say hi to anyone. It’s a big no-no in wrestling but I didn’t know that at that time. They brought me to a room and told me that I was welcomed back to the locker room when I earned the respect. Lucky Chelsea Green was at TNA for a tryout and she explained it to me. I finished the set of tapings and was not allowed in the locker room for a while.”

On her leaving TNA:

“What happen was January came around. I got an email about upcoming tapings. Nobody reached out to me to re-new my contract. A few changes have been happening with the company. When the time comes we can talk about me possibly returning. It has given me opportunity to wrestle at more places.”

You can watch the full interview below:

  • Bruce

    It’s a real shame how bad things fell through for her. She had a ton of potential and she was willing to learn a ton of abilities.

  • Rick Oslow

    lol at tna whores acting like locker room bullies. for fuck sake you are in TNA. there is no need for that stupid “say hi to everyone ” shit.

  • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

    Pffff Brooke went through the same thing when she first joined TNA, id never say hi to people i dont like, excuse me flops, we are co workers not friends i dont have to talk to you if i dont want to and she worked there just as much as everyone else. She is the person from TE that improved the most in only a year.