UPDATE: Former WWE female personality says she was sexually harassed

Actress and comedian Thea Vidale, who played Shelton Benjamin’s mother in the WWE storylines back in 2006, said in a recent interview with Neal Morgan that her time with WWE was the low point in her career. Vidale said she was sexually harassed everyday by a “middle aged man that didn’t understand what no meant.”

Vidale said:
“I genuinely hated that place. While I was there I was sexually harassed everyday by a perverted middle aged man that didn’t understand what no meant.”

Vidale did not name names but continued:
“It was disgusting, I’ll never forget the day he came into my changing area with his private parts hanging out of his pants. I made up my mind at that point I was done with that company.”


WrestlingNews.co has an update to the story stating:

“I spoke with someone that was with WWE during the time Thea Vidale worked for them and they say that what was allegedly said in the interview never happened and she left the company on good terms. I also reached out to Thea’s rep and they tell me that she never did an interview with a “Neal Morgan.” The story has been posted on several other wrestling websites as well but I have not been able to find the actual source of the article so I am going with the assumption that the entire “interview” below never happened and was made up unless audio or video of the interview pops up somewhere.”