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Former WWE Developmental Divas to be in AAA’s new show?

According to LuchaBlog they have been able to report the female names for AAA’s newest show to air on the El Rey Network called Lucha Underground.

The blog is reporting that former WWE Developmental talents Maxine (Karlee Perez) and Savannah (Angela Fong) are apart of the show alongside names such as Candice LeRae, Sexy Star, and Ivelisse Velez.

Maxine made a brief return to wrestling in May when she wrestled for TNA at the Knockouts Knockdown two tapings. Angela Fng hasn’t wrestled since leaving WWE, but she has been apart of doing motion captures for the last few WWE video games.

  • Rhys

    I’d like to point out, Angela did like one or two shows after leaving WWE, winning a title in some promotion, but other than that, yup I can’t recall her doing anything else.

    Even still, it’s BRILLIANT to hear Angela might be stepping back in the ring, WWE dropped the fall with her big time when she was with them.

    It’ll also be cool to see Maxine/Karlee returning as well. I mean we’ll see her at the Knockouts Knockdown show soon, but even still.