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Female referee & a model get a WWE tryout


WWE is holding tryouts this week and along with the other names we’ve been able to confirm to be at this tryout two new names have popped up, female referee Carley Rae also known as Carley Cooprider (twitter) and model Amanda Leigh (instagram)

Carley Cooprider is a Chicago, Illinois native and a registered nurse who has had around 8 years experience as a referee all at the ripe age of 23! While Carley currently works as referee for Dreamwave she has refereed for promotions such as SHIMMER Women Athletes, PCW, SLW, NBWA, and CSW to name a few.

Amanda Leigh is a professional model who hails from Georgia who graduated from UWP with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice.and currently works as a bar manager. She wrote on her Instagram about being ready for day two of her tryout and before that was posting about flying to Orlando to “Keep Calm and sweet chin music”


thanks to JG for the tip