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Female names at the WWE Arnold Classic tryout


WWE did a tryout at the Arnold Classic over the weekend and we have the names of the females that participated. The names are Bianca BlairLaura Powers, and Romana De Angelis

Bianca Blair (twitter | instagram) is a 25 year old Crossfit regional athlete and track star. She has won many titles in Crossfit competition including ranking 11th in the South East Region and placing 18th in her first Regional competition in 2014. She is also a graduate of University of South Carolina, Texas A&M, and the University of Tennessee.

Laura Powers (instagram) is a personal trainer and fitness coach. She is a graduate of San Diego state university.

Romana De Angelis (twitter | instagram) is a fitness model and track and field star. She is a graduate of Saddleback college and currently resides in San Diego, California.