Ella Anne Kociuba to receive a WWE tryout

We can confirm that 23 year old massage therapist, fitness and endurance athlete Ella Anne Kociuba will be at the upcoming WWE tryouts at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida at the end of this month.

The Texas native is also an author, writing a book about her life titled “All Things Ella”. A story of a young girl who is faced with adversity at an early age, a story of courage, a story of one inspiring individuals fight against the darkness. From breaking her back in two places and struggling to get back to functioning, then becoming anorexic by the age of 18, signing with companies to compete in adventure and obstacle races then almost losing her life to bulimia. Ella Kociuba’s honesty with her struggle sheds light on the power of fighting the good fight, the true nature of just how scary an eating disorder can get and her rise against it.