ECWA Super 8 Tournament: Meet Aja Perera

On October 22nd, 2016, ECWA will be hosting the ECWA Super 8 ChickFight Tournament. Eight women will be competing in Woodbridge New Jersey to reign supreme. Leading up to this event, the Squared Circle Sirens staff will be talking with the competitors of the tournament.

I was able to speak to one out of the eight participants for the tournament, Superhero Aja Perera about the event:

Casey: Tell us about yourself. What made you decide to become a professional wrestler?

Aja: “Well, I am a super hero! I save the world by day and wrestle at night! I was born and raised on Planet Tricericorn, but I now reside in Georgia. I was a wrestling fan all my life, but didn’t get the itch to actually become a wrestler till I went to my first indy show. That same night I was talked into/semi forced to attend my first training session by my sister. Now here I am!”

Casey: Who were your inspirations growing up?

Aja: “I grew up admiring The Hurricane, obviously! Besides him, I have always admired Shawn Michaels. His Charisma and attitude are something that I strive to have to this day. As far as women; Victoria and Gail Kim were my favorites. At the time, they were doing things that women of the time weren’t expected to. They were way beyond their time.”

Casey: Where were you/are you training? How long have you been wrestling?

Aja: “I have been wrestling for three years now. I originally trained at a local school under Fred Avery, then later by Jay Fury. Currently I train at WWA4 under AR Fox. Training at WWA4 has really helped take me to the next level and AR Fox is so insightful you can’t help but to improve.”

Casey: The Super 8 tournament has been a platform for 20 years, giving many of today’s superstars a platform to compete. What would winning the Super 8 mean to you?

Aja: “Winning would be one of the highlights of my career! It would finally give me that spotlight and platform for me to show the world what I can do and prove why I deserve to be at the top. I want everyone to know who Aja SUPER Perera is and winning the tournament would do just that.”

Casey: This years Women’s Super 8 Chickfight Tournament has women coming from all over the US. Is there anyone in the tournament you are particularly looking forward to having a chance to compete with?

Aja: “Honestly, any woman in the tournament would be a great opponent! We all have such different backgrounds. I would like to compete against Britt Baker. I think our styles would clash and mesh very well together.”

You can catch Aja Perera and the rest of the women in the ECWA Super 8 Chickfight Tournament on October 22nd at the the Woodbury Heights Community Center in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. For tickets and more information on the ECWA Super 8 Chickfight Tournament click here.

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