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ECWA Super 8 Chickfight Tournament: Meet #QueenHBIC


On October 22nd, 2016, ECWA will be hosting the ECWA Super 8 ChickFight Tournament. Eight women will be competing in Woodbridge New Jersey to reign supreme. Leading up to this event, the Squared Circle Sirens staff will be talking with the competitors of the tournament.

Up first, I was able to speak with #QueenHBIC Tasha Steelz.

Dennis: Tasha, Could you tell the readers more about yourself and what made you want to become a professional wrestler?

Tasha Steelz: “Well, I was a typical tomboy growing up trying to keep up with the boys, playing every possible sport I could play, getting hurt all the time but still keeping that smile, wanting to play and get hurt some more. As a little girl, I was hanging with my uncle and cousin and one day they were watching a WWF “In Your House” show and I instantly became hooked on watching wrestling. Not even knowing at the time that’s what it was called but I became so fascinated by it that I never turned it off. Everyday after school I would always make sure my homework was done early so I could stay up and watch wrestling some more. One of my favorite all time wrestlers is Triple H. I used to beg my mom to take me to the live events just so I could see him and watch his work. I remember seeing the very first “Tough Enough” season and seeing Triple H on there telling everyone there how the business truly works and the sacrifices that had to be made in order to be successful. There was no sugarcoating involved and right at that moment I said ” Yes, this is something I truly wanted to do.” I became more eager to become not just a wrestler but a women’s wrestler when I saw women like Ivory, Jacqueline, Trish Stratus, Jazz, Lita, and the late Chyna get in the ring and prove that women are not just eye candy, but can get in and put on a great fight.”

Dennis: You mentioned Triple H, Ivory, Jacqueline, Trish, Jazz, Lita, and Chyna. Why were they your inspiration in getting into the business?

Tasha Steelz: “The women in the WWF/WWE that I grew up watching weren’t being looked at as women wrestlers, they were looked at as valets, sex symbols, women they can use for gimmick matches such as bra and panties or spanking matches etc… they weren’t taken serious at that time. These women like Ivory, Jacqueline, Trish, Lita, Jazz, Chyna and Victoria had to make that change and step things up, proving that yes, women can be sexy, but still kick ass!!! That’s what made me become so influenced by them and especially Trish, who came in as a long time wrestling fan and fitness model with little to zero wrestling experience, complete underdog, and evolved into one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time.

When I first started watching Triple H he was in WCW then went to WWF. Triple H just has that old school wrestling style that you don’t see everyday. When he became part of DX, his true personality and swagger came out more and you could see the fun side of him and also the serious side. Every time he stepped into the ring Triple H proved why he was the best, did whatever it took to be on top and stay on top, and why he lived up to his names as “The Game” , the “Cerebral Assassin” , the “King of Kings” and why he was, and still is, “That Damn Good” I watched all of his documentaries and always say that I wanna be the female version of Triple H.”

Dennis: I can definitely see that happening, especially seeing some of your interactions on Twitter. Moving forward, where were/are you training? And how long have you been training?

Tasha Steelz: “I started training over a year ago at IWF in Nutley, NJ. I met Deonna and Damian Adams at a Rip Rogers seminar back in June, and I wanted to go in a different direction as far as training and not knowing if I was able to go train with Damian Adams. I gave it a shot, got in contact with him and he told me I had potential and I could come up and train with him and Deonna. I knew with his Team Adams training and guidance, I would go in the right direction for my career as a women’s wrestler and as you can see it’s been great for me so I love being a part of Team Adams.”

Dennis: The Super 8 tournament has been a platform for 20 years, giving many of today’s superstars a platform to compete. What would winning the Super 8 mean to you?

Tasha Steelz: “It would mean to me an awesome accomplishment and one more step closer to obtaining and living my dream as not only a successful women’s wrestler, but a successful women’s wrestler winning the Super 8 tournament and going on to become the ECWA Women’s Champion.”

Dennis: This years Women’s Super 8 Chickfight Tournament has women coming from all over the U.S. Is there anyone in the tournament you are particularly looking forward to having a chance to compete with?

Tasha Steelz: “I’m looking forward to competing against all the women in the tournament. I love a good challenge, and you have 8 women with 8 different styles going against each other so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what these girls bring to the ring. In the end there can only be one winner, one champion, and no matter what, 7 basic chicks will recognize that one winner will be me, the #QueenHBIC.”

Dennis: Tasha, Do you have anything to say to your fellow competitors and those watching the Super 8 Chickfight Tournament?

Tasha Steelz: “This year, The ECWA Super 8 Chickfight Tournament is going to be an epic one, and why? Not because the current ECWA women’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, is featured…no no. It’s because finally, the leader of the #SlayNation gets her shot at becoming the the Super 8 tournament winner and taking what’s rightfully mine in the ECWA women’s championship!! So ladies get ready, because the #QueenHBIC is ready to make you all bow down as your ECWA Women’s Champion!!!! You’re Dismissed…”

And with that, I was dismissed. But you can catch Tasha Steelz and the rest of the women in the ECWA Super 8 Chickfight Tournament on October 22nd at the the Woodbury Heights Community Center. For tickets and more information on the ECWA Super 8 Chickfight Tournament click Here

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  • Tracy

    #QueenHBIC is AWESOME, sounds very passionate about what she wants and your can hear the passion leaping off the page as you read her words. Go get ’em #QueenHBIC, take the Championship Belt. Your Beauty, Passion and Drive is a Force to be Reckoned with…..