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ECWA Super 8 Chickfight Tournament : Meet Maria Manic


On October 22nd, 2016, ECWA will be hosting the ECWA Super 8 ChickFight Tournament. Eight women will be competing in Woodbury Heights New Jersey to reign supreme. Leading up to this event, the Squared Circle Sirens staff will be talking with the competitors of the tournament.

I was able to speak with Maria Manic

Jason: Tell us about yourself. What made you decide to become a professional wrestler?

Maria: I actually did not grow up on wrestling like most, it wasn’t something I got into until early high school.. And from that moment I was hooked. I knew immediately that I wanted to be in the ring, at that time not knowing it was even an option.

Jason: Who were your inspirations growing up?

Maria: My biggest inspiration was Beth Phoenix. She was so beautiful but yet dominant and powerful the same time. She made a statement every time she entered the ring and her confidence shined through her.

Jason: Where were you/are you training? How long have you been wrestling?

Maria: I started my training in Richmond Va, now currently training under Dj Hyde at Combat Zone Wrestling in New Jersey. I began my training 2 years ago and have been competing in ring for now 1 year.

Jason: The Super 8 tournament has been a platform for 20 years, giving many of today’s superstars a platform to compete. What would winning the Super 8 mean to you?

Maria: Winning the Super 8 tournament would be beyond incredible. The fact that I’m even in it, after only one year of competition is enough for me to be happy about. But winning… That would do wonders for me and my career.

Jason: This years Women’s Super 8 Chickfight Tournament has women coming from all over the U.S. Is there anyone in the tournament you are particular looking forward to having a chance to compete with?

Maria: I always look forward to working Deonna, she is great to learn from. I have also heard great things about Rachel Ellering and Kiera Hogan.. I am excited to see what they bring to the table.


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