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Dream Joshi Pro (7/23/17) Results

Some news coming out of today’s show, Tsukushi was pulled off the card due to being in poor physical health and Tequila Saya replaced her in the matchup against Fujigasaki. A ladder match was announced for PURE-J’s debut show on August 11th, as KAZUKI takes on MIKAMI.

Itabashi Green Hall (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Yako Fujigasaki defeated Tequila Saya via Fujigasaki with a Swivel Body Press (10:53)
  • Rydeen Hagane vs Akane Fujita – Time Limit Draw (15:00)
  • Alex Lee defeated Manami Katsu via Lee with the Alex Driver (Neck Hanging Bomb) (10:17)
  • KAZUKI & Ricky Fuji defeated Command Bolshoi & MIKAMI via KAZUKI with a Schoolboy on Bolshoi (9:27)
  • Hanako Nakamori & Misaki Ohata defeated Leon & Aki Shizuki via Nakamori with the Chinkonka Driver on Leon (12:27)