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Divas Championship match added to Night of Champions card


Nikki Bella may be counting down the minutes until midnight, Sept. 15, when she becomes the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time, but her unprecedented tenure won’t be safe for long.

Waiting just around the corner for her at Night of Champions on Sept. 20, will be a challenger who has already made the Fearless Diva tap out once before: Charlotte.

The second-generation grappler earned the title opportunity when she defeated Brie Bella on the Aug. 31 Raw, besting PCB teammates Paige and Becky Lynch in a No. 1 Contender’s Beat the Clock Challenge. Now, Charlotte — whose illustrious 258-day NXT Women’s Championship reign indirectly helped lay the groundwork for WWE’s Divas Revolution — will receive her first crack at the butterfly-emblazoned title.

While the emergence of Charlotte, Becky and Team B.A.D.’s Sasha Banks has taken the WWE Universe by storm, Nikki has argued all along that she deserves the credit for the Divas Revolution. Evolving into a hard-nosed competitor known for forearming Divas into dust and wrecking spines with her Rack Attack, Nikki has maintained an unshakable grip on the division, downing everyone from Paige to Naomi to AJ Lee.

Yet, in Charlotte, has Nikki met her match? The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, the No. 1 contender has been all but unstoppable since debuting in WWE. Perhaps her most impressive feat since arriving in WWE was a submission victory over Nikki in tag team action, when she made the champion quit to her Figure-Eight Leglock.

Can Charlotte achieve the same result in singles action at Night of Champions? Or will Nikki extend her historic reign even further? Watch the revolution enter a new phase — and possibly gain a new queen — when Night of Champions airs live Sunday, Sept. 20

  • SylviaRae

    I want Charlotte to win..tbh

  • Rhawk

    So Diva-Dirt disables their comments and they just come crawling here… I should have expected that.

    Even still, while I wanted Becky to win this, I can see this being a good match. Hopefully it ends up being one.

    • Straight Outta Glitch.

      “They”? You’re always on Diva Dirt too. Swing or be quiet

      • Rhawk

        True, but I mean the more well known commenters from there.

        But no more shade, if they/we want a place to honestly discuss shows and news, who am I to judge. It’s nice for people to have a place to gather.

        • Straight Outta Glitch.

          Lots of people read this site, I just never bothered to comment because nobody else did

          • Rhawk

            Shame really, this is a pretty chill place in all honesty.

  • JoeWWE

    Disappointed with this. I’ll take Charlotte winning because it means we’ll at least get someone new with the title but I really wanted Becky to win and Paige not turning was another slap in the face.

    • conan_kun

      I heard the video from twitter, there is backstage interview between Team Bella and Team PCB on Smackdown this week, Charlotte said she was trying to get The Authority to have their title match before Nikki breaks the record of being the longest reigning Divas champ, Nikki getting panic for that.

  • LaGentlemanAndy

    While I’m disappointed DD has silenced their entire community, I’m happy this site is getting more traffic/use. But I really don’t think it’s a good idea to put the strap on Charlotte right now. They’ve already disvalued Nikki’s reign with terrible booking. This is an unpopular opinion and it helps that I’m a fan of hers, but they might as well have someone interfere at NoC and keep the title on her until the inevitable happens. With the lack of recent title defenses, it’s a lazy way to make people actually give a damn without having attempted to build her up as a strong champion for the majority of her reign.

  • Rainee Toneme

    I am not a big Charlotte fan. I think Naomi or Sasha should be the one to dethrone Nikki. Honestly, as long as Nikki loses, I’ll be fine with whomever wins.