Demi Bennett & Indi Hartwell receive WWE tryouts

Alongside Kellyanne English and Shazza McKenzie Australian independent wrestlers Demi Bennett and Indi Hartwell were among the other female names at the WWE Australian tryout earlier in the week.

Demi was denied a WWE tryout last year due to being too young but now that she is 21 got a shot. The Australian independent wrestler is most known for her work in Riot City Wrestling.

Indi Hartwell is a newer name to wrestling, having debuted for PCW in April of this year.

  • Marshy

    By the time that the tournament gets on the way that we will see who’s who of women from the independent scene on the roster, cause it is like a game of chess or checkers or Monopoly that Triple H is playing up against Dixie Carter or whomever runs TNA that we are seeing more signings to the WWE roster than TNA roster than ever before.