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DASH Chisako Wins PURE-J Openweight Championship

Today at Korakuen Hall in the main event match at PURE-J’s “PURE-J Climax” event in Tokyo, Japan DASH Chisako won the PURE-J Openweight title, defeating Hanako Nakamori for the title in Nakamori’s first defense of the title in a hair versus hair match.

Hanako Nakamori challenged DASH Chisako to a Hair vs Hair match back in November after Chisako accused Nakamori of not being a real champion.

Nakamori became the inaugural PURE-J Openweight Champion after defeating Manami Katsu in the finals of a tournament to crown the first ever champion back in October of this year.

This was the first Hair vs. Hair match in Joshi wrestling in 7 years. The last one being back in 2010 where JWP Openweight Champion Kaori Yoneyama defeated Emi Sakura.

Source STRIGGA Ciara Reid
  • Charlie

    Yoneyama won the previous Hair vs Hair match? No wonder she is so respected.
    DASH Chisako will be a good champion.