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Daria makes in ring NXT live event debut


Recently signed diva and former Tough Enough star Daria Berenato made her in ring debut tonight at an NXT Live Event in Orlando, Florida.

She had an interview with Dasha which Nia Jax interrupted and a match was then sanctioned. Daria lost the match to Nia but had a good showing.

Daria was signed about 6 weeks ago, but has been training with Brian Kendrick since being eliminated from Tough Enough.

  • SylviaUserOfTheYear #SummerDay


    • Rhawk

      Poor Nia for showing that she can work with those less experienced with her and that she can actually hang on her own in NXT? Yes, Poor Nia indeed…

      Also personally I’m not sure what is gross about this situation, but hey, we all have opinions.

  • J’ Liz

    she makes her in ring debut before the Tough Enough winner, Sara Lee. Guess with her MMA background she was more ready than Sara ! On TE Daria didn’t show much charisma, so hopefully she spent a lot of time in promo class at the Performance Center developing some charisma.

    • Allie

      I only watched maybe 4 episodes of Tough Enough. Was she the one who lost the championship belt in the river or whatever?

      • Lava Amber


    • Lava Amber

      Looks like she will have an MMA gimmick since she used the Jersey Devil name. Whenever she makes her real NXT debut she will probably have a new name since WWE loves to change peoples names all the time.

  • Rhawk

    She’s made her debut before any of the other Tough Enough women. Nice! Good job Daria, so glad she made it in the end and hopefully she does well for herself.

  • I Love Maxine #AngelHdz

    I really want Gabi to be signed! She has been showing a lot of passion. She’s actually training too.

    • Rhawk

      Considering hints on her social media and how ‘a major company has signed her’. I’d say she’s be with TNA sooner than she’d be in WWE.