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Daria Berenato signs with WWE


It looks as if WWE has signed Daria Berenato to a developmental contract with the company.

Daria made the final 14 finalist on Tough Enough and came in 11th place on the show, being eliminated after failing the entrance challenge.

Although she was eliminated Daria continued training to wrestle, joining Brian Kendrick’s school Santino Brother’s Wrestling in California.

She was recently at the last WWE tryout back in September and it looks like she signed on with the company!

  • Marshy

    I am glad that she is getting another chance to be in the WWE, cause she has the look of a Women Wrestler and she also look like the third sister of The Bella Twins.

  • Rhawk

    Out of all the women from Tough Enough, I wanted her to win the most. Looks like she didn’t need to win after all.
    So glad she got signed, she seemed to really care about it from the show and has the right attitude to be in the business. It’s also cool to have an LGBT representative among the WWE women. I hope she does well.