COLUMN: Who attacked Nikki Bella?

Last night at WWE’s Survivor Series pay per view The SmackDown Women’s tag team captain Nikki Bella was attacked backstage before the match started and was taken out of the match before it started. Thankfully General Manager Daniel Bryan had a backup in the team’s coach Natalya Neidhart who subbed for Nikki Bella in the Survivor Series women’s five on five tag team match. But who was it that attacked Nikki Bella backstage? We take a look at the suspects…

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-07-00-am The most obvious choice of suspects is fellow SmackDown superstar Carmella. Nikki Bella has become public enemy number one for Carmella since returning from a career threatening neck injury at SummerSlam. Carmella claims that Nikki Bella stole her spotlight with her return. The Princess of Staten Island has been a thorn in Nikki Bella’s side since she returned to SmackDown and it’s no wonder why her fellow Survivor Series teammates all thought she was the one who attacked Nikki backstage at the pay per view.

Carmella has taken every opprotunity to attack Nikki Bella when she least expects it. She has attacked her during tag team matches and has a bone to pick with Nikki after falling in defeat to her at SmackDown’s pay per view No Mercy.

If Carmella is the one who attacked Nikki Bella this could hopefully lead to some sort of no DQ match at SmackDown Live’s next Pay Per View TLC. However, she’s not the only suspect…

nattieThe coach of Team SmackDown Live’s women’s division was Natalya Neidhart and it was a bit suspicious how she was backstage and one of the first to attend to Nikki Bella after her anonymous attack. Could she be the one who attacked the team captain so she could get a place on SmackDown Live’s team?

Natalya herself is no stranger to backstage attacks by mystery people so it’s entirely plausible that she was the mystery attacker at Survivor Series. Natalya has fallen off the face of SmackDown a bit being relegated to a coaching role for Team SmackDown before Nikki’s attack. She also was involved in the match to decide who would be captain of Team SmackDown, which saw Nikki Bella take the win.

It wouldn’t shock me if Natalya was the attacker. Not only would an attack be revenge on Nikki Bella for beating her to be captain but it also would slingshot Natalya Neidhart back into the eyes of the fans and make SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan take notice of her as a competitor and not a joke, something she has been trying to do for the past few weeks.

Another suspect is the Red Queen herself, Eva Marie.

EvaWhile Eva Marie is currently out filming a movie, it would make sense for Eva to return as Nikki Bella’s mystery attacker. Not only would it be a great way to re-introduce her to the SmackDown audience, but Nikki Bella was also the one who replaced her at the SummerSlam pay per view over the summer. It would be sweet revenge for Eva Marie to take out the woman who ‘ruined’ her SummerSlam pay per view moment.

Eva also took to twitter before Survivor Series wishing Team SmackDown Live luck but not to get ‘comfortable’ because she’ll be back very soon.

We have plenty of suspects but I don’t think we’ll get an answer till SmackDown Live this Tuesday night. Who do you think attacked Nikki Bella? Do you think it’s one of the ladies mentioned here? Let us know!

  • Marshy

    Well it does rule out Brie Bella cause she is expecting a baby girl, so it can’t be her. Carmella, Natalya, Charlotte, Eva Marie, Nia Jax, and even a former Superstar who has a serious beef with The Bella Twins since she came to the WWE – Kharma are definitely suspects in my opinion.

  • Number One

    You know, I never thought of Eva Marie as the attacker, but I still say it’s Nattie. Carmella may have had her problems with Nikki, but she’s out as a suspect. The only thing Carmella would gain out of attacking Nikki is a boost to her ego. All Eva Marie would gain is attention. Natalya had the motive AND the most to gain. Let’s not forget, Nattie was originally out of Survivor Series because she lost to Nikki in a match to determine who would captain the blue brand women. That’s motive. She campaigned to be their coach and got the position. That’s opportunity. And Nikki being out of the match would put Nattie in as her replacement, That’s what she had to gain.

    Though now that I say this, I just realized, why isn’t Maryse a suspect? Think about it. Nikki is Daniel Bryan’s sister-in-law. Bryan is feuding with Miz, so of course, Maryse would take out Nikki as a message to Bryan. I still say it’s Nattie, but I would not be shocked if it turned out to be Maryse