UPDATE: Cheerleader Melissa joining Lucha Underground

According to Dave Meltzer independent female wrestler Cheerleader Melissa will be joining the Lucha Underground roster this upcoming season.

He states that Cheerleader Melissa will be brought in as Marty The Moth’s sister that was teased at the end of Season 1.

Melissa wrestled for Lucha Underground in a dark match during the tapings for the first season of the show.


According to Diva-Dirt Cheerleader Melissa will not be playing Marty The Moth’s sister but a different masked female character.

  • Kalkofen

    So happy that Melissa will grace our TV screens once again, and hopefully be utilized much better. For LU I’m also hoping that aside from the intergender wrestling we can see a great women’s division blossom with some luchadoras. But that second source O.O