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Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks planned for WrestleMania 32?


According to Dave Meltzer WWE diva Charlotte will defend the Divas title against Sasha Banks at this year’s WrestleMania.

Charlotte will defend the Divas title against the winner of a match with Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch this Monday in Nashville on Raw.

Meltzer noted that it’s obvious that Sasha will win because of how she’s been booked and protected and that they could do a three-way, doing a double pin type finish. But anything but Charlotte vs. Banks would be a change in plans.

  • Nadia

    Cool. Sasha vs Charlotte in NXT was Great. Hopefully WWE lets them wrestle.

  • Really gutted for Becky. Words can’t explain the disappointment I feel. Hopefully the Nashville crowd will give her some love when the #1 match is over with.