Celebration planned for Nikki Bella on an upcoming RAW?

According to reports WWE may have a celebration planned for the current divas champion Nikki Bella on the September 14th episode of Raw when she is set to break AJ Lee’s record for the longest divas championship title reign.

On RAW this week WWE introduced the Bella Countdown Clock which showed how much time was left till Nikki Bella passes AJ Lee’s 295 days championship reign.

  • WrestlersnotDivas.com

    Would be funny if Charlotte or someone else countered the BellaTron with a running tally of how long it has been since Nikki has defended the title (July 4th on TV, July 12th on a house show for those keeping count)

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        Why are you telling me bye?

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  • conan_kun

    I heard the video from twitter, there is backstage interview between Team Bella and Team PCB, Charlotte said she was trying to get The Authority to have their title match before Nikki breaks the record of being the longest reigning Divas champ, Nikki getting panic for that.

  • Kaledrina

    i hope it’s something so outrageousy camp and over the top. go all beautiful people and have half naked men escort her to the ring, she can cut a promo, be ambushed by pcb and then team bad.. have a huge giant ten minute brawl with alicia throwing soda and cake over charlotte.

    meh. as long as we don’t get a lame 30 second backstage skit i’m happy.

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