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Jazz to wrestle in Japan

Former WWE female and current reigning NWA Women's Champion Jazz will be heading to Japan later this month. Jazz will be competing at a REINA Joshi event on October 28th, 2016.

Thea Trinidad to wrestle for STARDOM

Former TNA Knockout Rosita aka Thea Trinidad will be debuting for the all female promotion STARDOM in Japan in December. Trinidad will be making her debut in Japan on Sunday December 4th, 2015 for STARDOM's show at Shinkiba 1stRING.…

Kairi Hojo suffers concussion

Wrestler Kairi Hojo suffered a concussion during her match with Io Shirai today at STARDOM. Due to her concussion her opponent tomorrow night Jungle Kyona wins via forfeit and is…

The Owen Twins heading to STARDOM

British Empire Wrestling announce that this October The Owens Twins (Kasey Owens and Leah Owens) will be representing British Empire Wrestling as they head out to work for the company's affiliates in Japan, STARDOM Joshi Puroresu. It's also…

Alpha Female to make MMA debut

German independent wrestler Alpha Female will be making her MMA debut on October 15th for Iron Fighters Organization Europe MMA. Her opponent for her debut will be 27 year old felow German Manuela Kuhse.

Heidi Katrina touring Japan

British independent female wrestler Heidi Katrina has embarked on a tour of Japan with the company REINA for the month of August. While in Japan Katrina, will be challenging Cat Power on August 14th for the vacant CMLL-REINA international…

Courtney Stewart to tour with STARDOM

22 year old UK independent wrestler Courtney Stewart will join Kay Lee Ray, Ivelisse Velez, Blue Nikita, Toni Storm, and Tessa Blanchard as a participant in this years STARDOM 5 Star Grand Prix. Stewart has a background in dancing , in…