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Cassandra Miyagi Vacates Sendai Tag Belts & Satomura faces Hashimoto

It hasn’t been a full week and Cassandra Miyagi has opted out of being a Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion. Cassandra explained at yesterday’s show at the Miyagina Cultural Ward Center, that she’s “lost interest” in not only holding one-half of the titles but the tag team championships altogether. She forfeited her belt moments after she and DASH Chisako defeated KAORU and Heidi Katrina in a non-title matchup. The decision is rather irrational, but this is Cassandra Miyagi and nothing ever seems to be rational when it comes to her choices.

Without a partner to defend the championships, DASH is now a former three-time Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion after the belts were declared vacant by the promotion. Chisako was puzzled, to say the least by Miyagi’s decision – however, she has a chance to win the titles for a fourth time on September 24th when she and KAORU team up to take on Alex Lee and Mika Shirahime. Lee and Shirahime made their intentions known that they wanted the tag straps once they issued their challenge for the vacant belts.

Photo Credit: @nobumichinoku on Twitter

Meiko Satomura has issued a challenge for Chihiro Hashimoto‘s Sendai Girls World Championship and the matchup will co-headline September 24th’s event. Satomura has yet to get her rematch against Hashimoto for the title after dropping the title to the rookie last October. Satomura is the inaugural titleholder of the belt, while Hashimoto is now in her third-reign as champion after unseating Hiroyo Matsumoto in her first title defense last Sunday in Niigata.

9/24/17: SENDAI Girls at the Sendai Sun Plaza (Miyagi, Japan)

  • Sendai Girls Tag Team Championship (Vacant): DASH Chisako & KAORU vs Alex Lee & Mika Shirahime
  • Sendai Girls World Championship: Meiko Satomura vs Chihiro Hashimoto(c) – first title defense