Big divas match at WWE TLC?

According to wrestling inc Ric Flair may have been brought to tonight’s WWE RAW in Pittsburgh to announce a Paige vs. WWE Divas Champion Charlotte match for TLC.

There have been talks about doing a possible Divas Ladder Match at TLC, likely between these two for the past few weeks.

  • J’ Liz

    believe Paige and Charlotte will be able to have a good Ladder match ! Would personally like to see Sasha and Becky added to the match but doubt that will happen, which is understandable since Paige & Charlotte are involved in a personal feud right now. Sure both will work hard to deliver a good Ladder match. Just hope they’re given the right amount of time to do so !

    • Allie

      I thought you would want Brie added to the ladder match. Brie did beat Charlotte on Main Event so she should get a title shot. I think this will be the 1st time WWE has had a Divas ladder match. TNA had one with Gail and Taryn that was good. Just glad WWE is giving Charlotte and Paige this chance, their feud calls for a gimmick match instead of a normal match.

      • Kelsea’s WWE they probably already forgot Brie owns a win over Charlotte. Sasha beat Nikki not once, but twice, while Nikki was divas champ. Sasha still hasn’t got her shot. Anyways..I only posted nah for the Brie getting a title match part of your post, I agree with the rest.

  • Nell-o

    Suddenly my interest in these two’s affairs has piqued lol. I didn’t believe this feud even needed the controversial angle to make it personal. The bare fact they’re both second-generation wrestlers and the first two NXT women’s champions on top of Paige having been chasing the Divas title for months and then Charlotte waltz in and breaks Nikki’s reign should’ve been enough to compel this into the ultimate showdown…the story wrote itself, but the execution and the booking of it has been lousy imo. But giving them this stipulation is a step in the right direction.

  • Nell-o

    *sigh* I still hope this rumor becomes a reality.